F&IQ is a resource for Automotive F&I professionals and other Automotive Management Professionals to listen in and learn what really works to add profit, improve CSI and personally improve performance.

The purpose of the show is to reinvent the way finance operates within the dealership. Our goal is to eliminate the dysfunctional practices that F&I managers have inherited.
Most of the F&I training and development being utilized today was developed in the 1970s and 1980s. We know with absolute certainty that the car business has changed considerably since then. To be more specific, we know the world has changed.
The car business has had to change over and over again since its inception and never as rapidly as in the last 10 years. We know with certainty that our customers are different than they were a decade ago. The manufacturers are aware. By studying CSI and sales trends, manufacturers have forced dealerships to redefined their sales practices, marketing strategies and add new departments such as Internet and BDC's.
Also, many dealerships have had to rebuild to make specific image requirements encouraged or demanded by the manufacturers and the overall culture of most dealerships has changed dramatically to address customer satisfaction.
Yet, through all of this change, F&I training and development has experienced very little growth. Aside from the menu and deal submission (i.e. DealerTrack, RouteOne & etc.) F&I managers are encouraged to use the same old sales techniques.
We propose that there is a better way...
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