Help people, help yourself.

By: Lloyd Trushel

Unless you’re working for the power company or the DMV, you’re not going to sell everyone. One size doesn’t fit all – not everyone will buy your products.

In order to sell more, you’ll need to refine your pitch to your audience.

For instance, if your customer is very affluent then a product that provides “budget protection” may not seem relevant, but a product that saves him/her “time” or “creates comfort” may be appealing enough to buy. This is what we refer to as “Framing”.

So if you’re into prestige, I will frame my conversation around your comfort and convenience. If you’re very concerned about your budget, then I’ll frame the discussion around helping you save money.

I am going to listen to you and frame the conversation around helping you add comfort, avoid pain or ideally… Both.

Can we simply ask our customer, “Hey, what’s important to you?” Time, money, something else?

Yes, and that will work if it’s genuine. The goal here is to be genuine in trying to help people have a great experience, and that will be different from person to person.

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”

The only way you will be able to help is to “get real”. To know how you’re products solve common problems. To know how to apply your knowledge in a way that adds value for your customer.
Let’s explore some fundamental skills you’ll need to succeed:
  1. Competency. You have to know your stuff. You have to be an expert or in the process of becoming one – which occasionally means saying “I don’t know” if you get stumped, but exploring for the answer instead of trying to power through.
  2. Character. Without character, people won’t trust you. In fact, you won’t even trust yourself. You have to focus on helping people, not just yourself. When you don’t care about anything beyond your commission, it shows. Instead, focus on how you can help and the commissions will follow. Earn them by adding value for your customer and your dealership simultaneously.

When we blend these behaviors together, we get amazing results. Economic results that last longer and are easier to create. We have better relationships with our customers, fewer chargebacks and a better working relationship with our dealers.

Good Luck!

By: Lloyd Trushel

President / COO

The Consator Group

What makes Consator Group different?

We believe…   that there is a better way to conduct business than the status quo. In our experience, when transparent and intelligent communication occurs between F&I and their customers, profits and satisfaction go up for all parties. Conversely, when the communication is poor and dysfunctional, profits and satisfaction go down for all parties.

We are experts…  in the automotive industry, with each of our principal level consultants having over 20 years’ of automotive experience. Their areas of experience include automotive finance, all areas of variable operations, financial lending, process consulting, insurance, ancillary products, the study of social sciences and the understanding of consumer buying habits.

We create a better F&I experience…  by teaching F&I managers a deeper understanding of today’s buyers. We skip the typical sales cliché’s and antiquated methods. Our process is simple and straightforward. We dig into real consumer behaviors and purchasing habits so that we can educate your staff and consumers. The result is a more profitable transaction for the dealership and a happier consumer.


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