Am I wrong?

By: Lloyd Trushel
We present and people either do 1 of 3 things, every time:
1) Pick packages – Do we know what to do if they pick a package? YES!!! PRINT!!!
2) Ask questions – Do we know how to answer all their questions? I hope so… This is an opportunity for you to gain trust, define needs and share beliefs.
3) Object.
What if they object?

Often times their objection is not based on good data. For instance, a customer that says “NO” before they even see the cost and coverage of the product or package you’re offering.

If they don’t trust us, the dealership, the product, a past car buying experience, their friends have told them horror stories about a dealership, etc. this can make the transaction more difficult for sure, but this is not necessarily a problem.
How you frame the conversation defines the transaction. Do you frame lack of trust as a threat or an opportunity?
If you’re trying to take advantage of someone, then lack of trust is a dealer killer, but if you’re intent is about helping them, then you can fearlessly go anywhere in the conversation.
What your customer is looking for is two-fold. They are looking for you to show them your character and your competency. They want to know you are trying to treat them fairly and you know how to create a positive experience for them.
We need to show our character and our competency.

We show character by being genuine and discussing products based on their agenda. This is about helping people solve problems.

We also show our competency by having a deep understanding of exactly how our products work and how they will solve problems.

The goal is to solve your customers’ problems before they occur.
Being good at problem solving leads directly to success, not just in the box, but in most endeavors throughout life.

Take a fighter for instance. He or she has a game plan when the fight begins, but if the other fighter is getting the best of them, they must adapt or they’ll lose. This is problem solving on a very high level.

They either make adjustments and solve problems or they lose. The paradox is that the stress goes up fast when it is tied directly to your paycheck. Same thing in the box. You’ve got seconds to solve problems or your paycheck is affected.

And just like a fighter, we have to train. In our case, “training” is learning how our products help protect our customers. Once you’ve mastered that, you can go anywhere the customer takes you, make the necessary adjustments and help them adopt the protection packages you have to offer.

Good Luck!

By: Lloyd Trushel

President / COO

The Consator Group

What makes Consator Group different?

We believe…   that there is a better way to conduct business than the status quo. In our experience, when transparent and intelligent communication occurs between F&I and their customers, profits and satisfaction go up for all parties. Conversely, when the communication is poor and dysfunctional, profits and satisfaction go down for all parties.

We are experts…  in the automotive industry, with each of our principal level consultants having over 20 years’ of automotive experience. Their areas of experience include automotive finance, all areas of variable operations, financial lending, process consulting, insurance, ancillary products, the study of social sciences and the understanding of consumer buying habits.

We create a better F&I experience…  by teaching F&I managers a deeper understanding of today’s buyers. We skip the typical sales cliché’s and antiquated methods. Our process is simple and straightforward. We dig into real consumer behaviors and purchasing habits so that we can educate your staff and consumers. The result is a more profitable transaction for the dealership and a happier consumer.


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