Closing tough customers

By: Lloyd Trushel

He screamed Let’s get out of here now!” and all the firefighters quickly followed the chief outside of the burning house. Moments later the floor collapsed, and they all would have died had they not quickly run outside. 
“Afterwards, they asked the chief how he knew to run. “I didn’t even know that I did at the time” the chief responded. It was all subconscious.
This is what people sometimes refer to as a sixth sense. Otherwise known as knowledge that you did not receive from sight, smell, touch, sound or taste. This is information that comes from somewhere else.
So where does the information come from if not from the usual places?
Well, in the Chief’s case it came by way of things like his ears burning from an abnormal amount of heat and from the fire being too quiet. He was not consciously aware of  his ears burning or the odd quietness during the fire but he could recall these details after the fact.
They thought they were trying to put out a small kitchen fire, but their water didn’t seem to have the usual effect. It turns out the actual fire was under them, in the basement. Even though the chief didn’t consciously know it’s was in the basement at the time, his gut instinct, based on data and prior experiences, told his subconscious to run. So he made the call to leave the house.  
In the box, you will meet customers that also have a sixth sense. They will feel when a situation is unsafe, like dealing with someone that is only focused on making money. If you’re sending the message that you’re only there for you and you’re only thinking about your backend, you’re going to have a tough time if their gut tells them to “not to buy” or to “be careful”
At a minimum, the customer is going to withhold their trust towards you. Once you lose trust, you are not going to sell them anything.
With customers like this you have to adopt a win/win mentality. You have to focus on how your products solve their problems. You have to offer products that you know are priced fairly – Yes, I said fairly. Otherwise, they’ll see you coming and that is a shame, because people need things like more warranty and gap protection and you need a paycheck. 


Good Luck!

By: Lloyd Trushel

President / COO

The Consator Group

What makes Consator Group different?

We believe…   that there is a better way to conduct business than the status quo. In our experience, when transparent and intelligent communication occurs between F&I and their customers, profits and satisfaction go up for all parties. Conversely, when the communication is poor and dysfunctional, profits and satisfaction go down for all parties.

We are experts…  in the automotive industry, with each of our principal level consultants having over 20 years’ of automotive experience. Their areas of experience include automotive finance, all areas of variable operations, financial lending, process consulting, insurance, ancillary products, the study of social sciences and the understanding of consumer buying habits.

We create a better F&I experience…  by teaching F&I managers a deeper understanding of today’s buyers. We skip the typical sales cliché’s and antiquated methods. Our process is simple and straightforward. We dig into real consumer behaviors and purchasing habits so that we can educate your staff and consumers. The result is a more profitable transaction for the dealership and a happier consumer.



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